5 Naughty Gifts For Him (Or For Both Of You!)

5 Naughty Gifts For Him (Or For Both Of You!)


There are tons of naughty gifts you can give to the man of your life. But what are the stuff that really excites him? We always want the best for our hubbies! In this list, you’ll see six of the best naughty gifts that both of you will definitely love!


Role Play Costumes



Nothing beats a sexcapade with a twist. Role playing is one of the most effective ways to heat up your nights. Men and women have their own sexual fantasies. Why not ask your hubby what’s his fantasy and be his sexual genie and fulfill it for him!

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Pump up your love making with some lubricants! Everyone needs one. Different weathers can affect human body’s moisture, that’s why you need to be always prepared! Don’t skip this on your next naughty shopping list!

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Role Play Gear



BDSM fantasies? Or want to try it to take your love making to a next level? Add some kink to your makeout sessions and your other half will surely love it! Try some role play gears and be surprised with the results! Try not to hurt yourselves too much though.

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This one is more about your own enjoyment. Make him your love puppy and give him super-hot thongs! Because less is always more when it comes to clothing. Especially in bed! Get his first thong for yourself 🙂

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Jockstraps is for everyone but is mostly used by our gay friends out there. Who doesn’t want an all-access pass, right? Jockstraps are not only comfortable, but it will give you and your lover that extra spice you need to reach a one of a kind climax.

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Dildo – Prostate Massager



Men experiences different kind of pleasure when they get their prostate massaged. It’s like basically levelling-up his orgasms. If you want to make your hubby feel a different kind of heaven, get him a prostate massager. And by the way, it’s good for his health too!

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Special Mention:

Porn Movies

A very basic need for couples who like hotter nights. Get your hubby and yourself some amazing porn movies – it will totally skyrocket your orgasms. Be sure to check out some amazing ones at:













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