Fashion Favorites: Top 4 of Our Favorite Underwear

Fashion Favorites: Top 4 of Our Favorite Underwear

Men’s underwear is definitely not just among the bare necessities of the modern man. This time and age, men’s underwear fashion is one of the highest earning industry across the globe. Meaning, we arrived at the age where men are also expected to nicely wrap their packages not only for others to see, but to improve self-care.

Everyone feels better with a fresh pair especially those that sparks that idea of being fashionable. It warrants the sense of security for a man who is active and keeping a healthy sense of appreciating his body. Fashion is part of our lives, beyond gender, race, religion and age. Men’s underwear fashion is a catalyst for breaking the norms, allowing creativity, acceptance and unity among us.

Here’s our top 4 Fashion Favorites:

1. Xtremen Performance Brief

Designed to anatomically fit the male body. Xtremen Performance Brief is fashionably appropriate not only for athletic activities but as a daily wear. The fabric is made from highly stretchable sports fabric with a durable waistband that not only holds the material in place but also worthy to be flaunted if you are into low rise jeans.

The modern colors contrast are not overwhelming and keeps the design subtle. The pouch gives enough room while the front design ensures the area is defined. Xtremen allows any dude with not much to splurge on bigger brands such as Calvin Klein and remain fashionable and comfortable.

2. JOR Artic Boxer

The JOR featured underwear at Dude Undies definitely boasts a wide collection of highly fashionable underwear. But the Artic Boxer Brief in our opinion is highly fashionable that can go with any age, lifestyle or body built. It gives the sense of being fashionable without prints and designs inspired by contemporary arts or loud color combinations that may get very specific at times.

Contrasting color combination allows enhancement of the front design giving a look that speaks of classic fashion. Another stylish product of trending fashion at a reasonable price.

3. Pikante Surprise Jockstrap

Pikante is popular for designs that raise the standards of sexy and naughty men’s underwear. Pikante Surprise Jockstrap is among their subtle designs that appropriately fits the fashion trends. With combined materials to design the front to neatly cover the pouch area while keeping the sides intriguing and sexy by adding a sheer fabric, makes this product a true favorite.

The rear exposes the butt cheek with a thick elastic strap well attached to the waistband and the pouch. For anyone who wish to look high fashion and sexy, this underwear by Pikante makes a bold statement.

4. Ergowear MAX Mesh Boxer

Ergowear Max Mesh Boxer captures the idea of something emerging from classic designs with a few additions that makes it highly fashionable. This piece is designed to enhance the pouch area with more attention to improving definition.

With a breathable material, this underwear is a perfect fit during hot days. Click here for more from Ergowear.

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