Men’s Booty Shorts – Sexy Shorts for Sexy Men

Men’s Booty Shorts – Sexy Shorts for Sexy Men

Booty shorts for men may seem like something inappropriate. While we are used to seeing girls walk around flaunting their sexy shorts with prints like JUICY or BITCH, it is not quite popular for men.

But the demand has been there, for a long time. Every guy deserves a comfortable pair of shorts, regardless of his sexual orientation. Besides, in the men’s clothing line, booty shorts are known as athletic or sports shorts. I know the term I mentioned is quite broad. But really, it is what it is.

As I ponder about the topic, I came across one interesting comment in Reddit that goes like this: 

It is true, those shorts that MMA fighters are quite the booty shorts that make us stare a little longer on their body parts. 

Another thing that got my attention is this parody of booty shorts in Vimeo. Just hilarious, although booty shorts are quite misrepresented.


But what booty shorts really are is something like this: 

You see, it is sexy and it is manly. Although of course you are not expected to show up in a barbecue party wearing this even on a hot summer, but for the beach, it makes as a good outfit if you are wearing tight swim trunks under and don’t want to walk around with it. Or something that fits the bill if you are looking to just spend a day walking around the beach or lounging by the pool. 

Another place you are expected to wear it is if probably working out in the gym if not, perhaps when practicing your MMA figthing skills. 

Contrary to common belief, this is not an underwear and must not be used as one. 

It can make you look weird and hiding something under your pants. 

Booty shorts are an awesome addition to your athletic apparels and JOR makes the best pairs of quality booty shorts for many body types. 

How do these kind of shorts in look like in live action outside catalog? Feast your eyes on these: 

Now that looks like an interesting team for a beach volley. Looks like the team I want cheer for. Hot, although the bulges are unnecessary (who am I kidding) it proves we need more booty shorts for men! Much like women are flaunting their nice round asses and camel toes in booty shorts, men can be proud of their buns and cock bulge!

I just cannot take my eyes off those pictures above, it looks gorgeous. Although the common and suggested way to wear man shorts is wearing boxer briefs or briefs underneath to ensure that your bits are in place, just like this one:


Obviously the choice is yours. 

However, you want to wear it. We are all pro booty shorts for men! Ask these men! The colors are just amazing! 

Booty shorts can be fashionable, with the right choice and right person to do it. Just like this guy: 

I know this guy is handsome and all and the booty shorts he is wearing goes great with a belt. But my eyes are just glued on something else. It looks divine how it stays resting on his left thigh! 

Alright, until next time. For now, let me close this post by telling you to visit Dude Undies Shop booty shorts section. 

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