The Hottest Men in Thongs: Why Everyone Loves Them

The Hottest Men in Thongs: Why Everyone Loves Them

Men in thongs, an idea wrapped around so many gender-related stigmas that makes this sexy underwear sold as taboo. But really? If such, why is the male thong one of the best-selling underwear in today?

But this blog post is not about crazy ideas about men in thongs. But rather about hottest men wearing thongs.

Here are 5 hottest men in thongs, celebrities and models alike:

5. Matthew  McConaughey

Magic Mike is probably the most “men in thongs” kind of movie you would ever find in the mainstream. When Matthew McConaughey showed his buns sexy dancing wearing thongs, millions of fans were thrilled. I mean what is not to like? Being a 90’s television and film heartthrob McConaughey deserves the attention. Although, I promise this may as well be the only Magic Mike star I would feature in this list. Look at those buns! 

4. Justin Chatwin

Best known for his roles in War of the Worlds, starring roles in The Invisible, Dragonball: Evolution, Urge and No Stranger Than Love and many other films and television shows. Chatwin also tops the men in thongs. He bravely stripped and showed everyone that thongs and him makes the best pair! 

3. Zac Efron

Think of a very well sculpted male specimen… Yep! Zac Efron is one of the most desirable men in thong. Showing off his bubble butt. Zac proves that he isn’t just well bulging in many parts of his body, but his bubble butt makes him even more desirable. 

Check it out! 

2. Channing Tatum

Did I mention earlier that I won’t mention of another Magic Mike Actor? Well I am sorry. Channing has to be on the list of course. From his leaked photos dating back when he was 18, Channing’s butt has been one of the most famous behinds in history. 

1. Andres Zapata

Of course there is no one who can tell you best how men in thongs must look like than JOR’s Andres Zapata. JOR thongs has been one of the biggest selling thong for men for years. Why? Easy, their designs cross over form stripper to something that can go as casual. 

For men who likes the barely there feel, JOR is your best tiny cover. 

Check out JOR’s thong collection here. 

Thongs and Male Strippers

The relation of thongs for being the underwear choice of most male strippers crosses cultures. If a man is not a stripper or is “gay” why would he prefer a thong? 

The answer is easy, it is a matter of comfort and choice. 

Thongs offer a barely-there feel, which most men may find appealing if they are wearing skin tight pants. 

Moreover, it is a matter of design and fabric used. Do not wear mesh thongs and those made of leather if you wish to go for comfort. Seriously, there are thongs made of cotton that are built not only to last but ensures comfort just like wearing a brief or boxer briefs. 

Most than just for flaunting your buns, thongs ensures comfort for your man parts. 

Men in thongs are definitely sexy and it is an unstoppable trend. 

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