Top 10 Trophy Boys of Underwear Modeling – Part 1

Top 10 Trophy Boys of Underwear Modeling – Part 1

Trophy boys are everywhere. They flood your social media feeds and probably vast collection of their naked pics on Tumblr. But what makes trophy boys become ultimate is when they are signed for a modeling contract. Needless to say, underwear modeling validates a trophy boys’ hard work in the gym and their cared for pretty faces.

We love many trophy boys, famous or not. But in this post, we are only highlighting our top 10 favorites!

Get to know hot trohpy boys them and enjoy!

Andrew Biernat

A hot model that was recently getting more popular for being Marco Marco’s 2017 model. Andrew sure did give justice to the recently launched collection. With his handsome face, manly fit body, Andrew is the type of model that appeals the current market.

He keeps on making all of us excited with every pose may it be for a modeling gig or his social media account.

Here are some of his photos from the 2017 Marco Marco Collection and some just sexy random photos from Instagram. 

The last pic with a jockstrap makes Andrew Biernat a trophy boy to really drool for. Jockstraps just look hot on his type of body. 

Andres Zapata

No doubt Andres needs to be in this list. Not only is he among the hottest models, you may also assume that he is Dude Undies Blog favorite model to feature. No need defend our side. Seriously hot Andres can rock a beard or a clean shaved face. 

JOR made the right choice for picking him as their model. He just makes each product look exciting on every catalog shot that he makes.

You be the judge!

Well we are still on the lookout for Andres’ naked pics. Hard to find. To see more of him, checkout the latest from JOR.

Felipe Herrera Jimenez

Pikante is quite popular for designs both sporty and sexy. Nonetheless, it is notable that Pikante’s sexy collection is not just sexy but actually takes sexy up a hundred notches. Because of this, they need a hot model that can give justice to their erotic designs. Comes Felipe who looks like sculpted in the figure of the gods. 

This sex-god can make any type of underwear look great! Check out his Pikante photos and some random sexy pics I found online. 

Obviously this picture of Felipe on a see-through pikante underwear needs to be set apart from the above gallery. Just look at that cock! Well also the abs. Whoever gets to taste this trophy boy definitely has to be a proud bitch! 

Chris Wells

Trophy boy Chris Wells may not have hit the mainstream underwear fashion. But his PPU Underwear shoot earns him a spot on this list we are creating. A beautiful face and a well maintained body, this boy can rock a thematic type of underwear without effort. 

Alain Rodriguez

Sexy and Inked, Alain looks like a sex machine! It is hard to make up words for this trophy boy, more like trophy man. This hot male specimen seems like a hard top! Although that may be quite difficult to tell. If you look closely to his ink under his belly button, you will read Jessica, I wish I am Jessica to get a taste of that! 

Here are his pictures for WIldmanT. Checkout more WIldmanT sexy underwear here.

Click here for part 2. (coming soon)

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