Transparent Men Underpants: The Hottest Trend in Men’s Underwear

Transparent Men Underpants: The Hottest Trend in Men’s Underwear

Make your manhood look even better. Transparent men underpants are not for the weak-hearted. If you truly crave something beyond sexy, nothing can beat this trending sexy underwear. More than ever see through men’s underpants are among the top manufactured type of underwear even by the biggest brands. Who wouldn’t drool over your manhood if you pack it the right way.

Can you imagine Pietro Boselli in a completely see-through underwear? This pic on the right is quite close, but we can all use our imaginations if he wears something meshed or lace underwear from Candyman or any of the tiny underwear by PetitQ.

Sadly I have tried several keywords and surrendered and never looked beyond. If you have sexier pic of Pietro Boselli, on a transparent men underpants, let us in the comments below.

What we are talking about are transparent men underpants like these:

These are new one’s from Clever. Clever turns up the game to compete with other brands in creating sexier underwear and it is an even greater move because they had their model flaunt his lovely manhood. Check out more of his pics here.

Transparent Men Underpants: How to Pick

Depending on your endowment really and meeting the needs of your partner. You can wear from elaborately sexy to something close to the classics.

A perfect example is this guy wearing Skivvies. I stumbled upon this image in Pinterest.

He is definitely hot, but with the see-through underwear he was able to look even hotter. His endowment is great but now packed the right way. Seriously, who wouldn’t drool over a body and a cock packed that way.

These type of underwear is available as jockstraps, briefs, boxer briefs and even thongs. Mesh, sheer and laces are fashionable trio of the men’s underwear.

If you are well endowed, go for designs of mesh underwear exactly like this guy chose. If you are feeling you needed an extra boost, choose something intended for bulge enhancement.

Bulge enhancing see-through underwear have seems and designs intended to make your cock standout. Check out enhanced see-through pouches here.

Models Who Would Look Awesome in See-Through Undies

I do not know how many awaits these models to do transparent men underpants, or if they ever will. But it would be nice to see them give it a go and fulfill our fantasies of seeing them ultra-hot.

Maybe some would even save their see-through photos as screensaver (laughs).

Andres Zapata

The super hot Andres of JOR Underwear never modeled anything see-though. Perhaps not included in his contract. His fans are definitely longing to see what is in there. While begging for a naked pic may be too much, transparent men underpants may serve the “purpose” for now.

See Andres Zapata JOR Pictures Here


Andrew Biernat

Recently modeling for Marco Marco, Andres is making many of us drool over his sexiness, while there is little effort in trying to find his transparent men underpants photos (he may or may not have done so), there are some leaked naked photos but whether they are real or not is for you to find out. It is hard to trust naked male celebrities websites.

Hottest Collection of Sexy Male Underwear

Seriously though, this list of models we crave to do a sheer, mesh and lace underwear can go endless. Let us know who to write about in the comments below. Male models are awesome specimen of sexiness and what turn-on is, but anyone can wear sexy men’s underwear and be praised by your partner from head to toe and exactly at the middle!

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