What does your boyfriend´s underwear say about his personality?

What does your boyfriend´s underwear say about his personality?


It’s very likely that you have sometimes wondered if your underwear says something about your traits or your personality. The truth is that your underwear can say a lot of things about you and it can also help you know more about your boyfriend.

Someone’s personality can be determined in various ways. Psychiatrists have always used a personality test, but we aren’t going to ask your boyfriend to attend one just to know him better. Dude Undies has the key: Find out on this post what does your boyfriend´s underwear say about his personality?

I usually find a lot of black and blue boxers if look upon my underwear. It looks like most of men use them, but that’s only because they match really wellwith pants and clothes.

But I have never asked, what does my boyfriend think of my underwear? When the time to strip down to someone elsecomes, you surely think that your underwear could be teared, have any holes or have cartoon characters, something that will surely leave you embarrassed. That wouldn’t be sexy at all, when you’re with a guy the proper underwear can make everything hotter.

When I realized that, and after being many years inside the underwear industry, I realized underwear has more to it than just its basic functions, it can also tell us a lot about the other guy’s personality and our own.

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Find out in this post what does each type of underwear say about you boyfriend’s personality:


The guys that often wear boxers have a childlike personality. They are young, they have an amateur mindset, and they are experimenting new things.

There was a time were boxers were the most popular underwear, but the advancements in the other designs have made them old.

Guys that use boxers can have unstable personalities and they are beginners in the gay world. We know you need something a little bit more stable in a relationship.


Men who wear briefs everyday have a reserved personality compared to others. They aren’t the type of guy that takes you to meet his parents, but they can surely provide a nice relationship.

One of the main objectives for using briefs is to increase the bulge to get more views.

They are warm people, however knowing more about them is a challenge.


Boxer briefs

(Source: tagshunt.com)

Boxer briefs are used by men who like comfort but are also stylish, this means they are all for the classical comfort.

These guys are really sweet. They are open to new experiences and they are very carefree people.

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Guys with tighty-whities are not attractive at all to other men, the recommendation is that if you encounter a man using this type of underwear abort the mission immediately.

A golden rule to have sex is not using tighty-whities, ever.

A man using this underwear can be really complex, they are a complete mystery. We can say that they are old-fashioned people without any good taste.


Guys that use jockstraps on a daily basis are in a questionable field. Unless he is an athlete that need to move a lot.

Jockstrap guys appreciate freedom. The wind that runs behind them are just like them.They are open, free and have no prejudice.

Some people think they can’t have long relations, however, they bring intensity to the mix.

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You can be without underwear after finishing a shower, but going around showing off the goods is not attractive. Also, other guys don’t see this with good eyes.

The personality of the guys with commando can translate into disloyalty and infidelity.

They are strange people with low health standards.

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