Undies for The Mature Dude: Boxer briefs or Briefs?

Undies for The Mature Dude: Boxer briefs or Briefs?

For the more serious dudes out there, one would expect that they are very much content with the traditional underwear designs or are they?

Underwear is a very intimate piece of clothing. Someone’s choice does not necessarily fit the other. That goes beyond the design, including prints, colors and others. Each man, deserves the right to choose and to think they are all wearing the same nickers is just as ridiculous expecting that their junk looks the same anyway.

Mature dudes aren’t as traditional anymore as one may find, the traditional tighty whighties aren’t the expected piece of material anymore, so we ventured to ask several mature dudes in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Here’s what we found:

Andrew Cunningham, 37, an active dude currently working in an advertising firm in New York prefers declares that his underwear drawer is much more classic and traditional. And by that he means single colored underwear pieces basic boxer briefs.

“I love boxer briefs in single color, I do own several pieces that have prints and stripes but every time I open my drawer I am drawn to either black or other darker tones.”

Andrew may seem to be very traditional but when we asked what basic boxer briefs are, he says, “those with enhanced pouches to let my “man” parts stay comfortable.

Well, most men like Andrew don’t really know that enhanced pouches are not really much of traditional and it is only recently that more underwear manufacturers are producing them.

Enhanced pouches like below is the top choice if you want to keep your bulge healthy, comfortable and of course – sexy noticeable.

Checkout boxer briefs at the Dude Undies Shop.

Stefan, 45 years old, who works in a finance company proudly admits that as he aged he discovered that he is more experimental in his choice of underwear. Of course, experimental may mean so many ways, so we asked him to clarify his statement.

“What I mean by experimental is that, I will try almost anything that is suggested to me or I find to be sexy.”

I would like to dig a little deeper so I asked, “Would you wear a lace underwear?”

His surprising answer was, “I actually already own a few pairs!”

He then added that he finds both men and women gets more interested in him knowing about his sensuality. Stefan is a proud bisexual who keeps himself in shape and active in dating for fun, he admits.

So meaning pairs like the ones below are ideal for men who really into the “game.” Well let’s face the fact, both ladies and gentleman have no problem eroticizing the male anatomy, although it is quite a taboo, these sexy pairs are making an unexpected crossover recently into mainstream underwear fashion.

More sexy and erotic underwear here.

Josh, in his 50’s maintains a healthy body. One look and one may think that he is in his late 30’s. I think that is how he stays in the game even after divorced and with kids. A brief lover and would dare not to put on anything.

Why is that? “Well, briefs gives me the support I need down there. I don’t like my junk swinging around as I move.”

Perhaps he is well endowed? We did not dig into his size (for now). But Josh is among the millions who prefers the comfort of briefs. When asked, “Would you wear something colorful or playful for that matter?”

His answer was, “Depends on the situation, if it will be to surprise someone, I wouldn’t mind wearing something that goes with a theme or something with a colorful design.”

Looking for more briefs?

His answer made it clear, prints, designs and built does not necessarily favor age. It depends on the man wearing the underwear.

Mature dudes love their choices and make one depending on their taste and idea of comfort and not their age. 

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