Why You Should Own a Jockstrap

Why You Should Own a Jockstrap

Majority of men prefer boxers or boxer briefs. But there are quite a number of reasons why a man should wear a jockstrap. Underwear with little coverage are not necessarily for sexy reasons. Jockstraps were initially invented to provide support during sports and other activities to keep your “man parts” from flopping around. Similar to why should women wear bras, jockstraps ensures to keep your bits in place.

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Sexy Jockstraps

Although times changed and jockstraps began to be marketed as a sexy underwear, why not right? It does not mean they are no longer a necessity for the active men. Truth is, jockstraps aren’t just sexy because of the minimal coverage and flaunting of the buns, they are sexy due to the fact that it is worn by “athletic” type of men.

Keep your options open when it comes to underwear, jockstraps are great addition to your underwear collection besides being a necessity.

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The Following Are the Reasons Why You Should Consider a Jockstrap:

1. Absolute sexy addition to your wardrobe.

Even though you are not planning on a footballing activity or an extreme gym workout, the snug underwear will give you additional support at work especially in times when the pants you chose to wear have thin materials that cannot decently show your bulge. The comfort achieved by wearing jockstraps made it crossover from the sports department to becoming one of the best daily wear.

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2. Seriously sexy.

If you wish to impress when you undress, no doubt jockstraps can help you out. The variety of jockstrap designs are no longer confined to sporty materials. Do not be surprised, mesh, laces and sheer fabrics are not incorporated into jockstraps for “action” function.


3. Sports – comfort + protection.

Well, of course we need to revert back to the initial function of jockstraps, sports. However, it is notable that jockstraps are not necessarily heavily padded on the pouch area anymore. Depending on the type of sports you are planning, you may want to choose something created simply for support and not protection.

Finding the right fit

Jockstraps aren’t like boxers and boxer briefs. Given the small coverage in the pouch area, a wrong choice may result to feeling of constriction instead of comfort. A lose choice will, well… Not look very sexy.

Consider the waist size and pouch room.Best to consider your endowment when choosing the right pouch. Unless of course, you are aiming for sexy bulge enhancement.

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