Mens Mesh Underwear: What Makes It So Cool?

Mens mesh underwear and sheer is an increasingly popular choice of undergarment. What significantly made this underwear among the top choice is because of the comfort it provides over other materials and design. Mens mesh underwear is made of breathable materials but ensures comfort. Designed as briefs, boxer briefs, thongs, ...
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Men’s Booty Shorts – Sexy Shorts for Sexy Men

Booty shorts for men may seem like something inappropriate. While we are used to seeing girls walk around flaunting their sexy shorts with prints like JUICY or BITCH, it is not quite popular for men. But the demand has been there, for a long time. Every guy deserves a comfortable ...
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Zac-Efron men in thongs

The Hottest Men in Thongs: Why Everyone Loves Them

Men in thongs, an idea wrapped around so many gender-related stigmas that makes this sexy underwear sold as taboo. But really? If such, why is the male thong one of the best-selling underwear in today? But this blog post is not about crazy ideas about men in thongs. But rather ...
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Thongs for Men: A Sexy Unstoppable Trend

When you think of thongs for men the first thing that comes in mind is… How? Then followed by Whys and many more questions. Some wrapped around the stigma of thongs as an erotic gay underwear and others just out of the blue wrong assumptions. Perhaps thongs are very polarizing ...
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The 5 Underwear Every Guy Actively Dating Must Have

When you are single and sexually active, underwear’s purpose goes beyond the basic. It is not simply for protection, support and hygiene of your crotch area. It becomes the tiniest item you wear the makes a huge impact. Just try to imagine going on a date and wearing your 5-year-old ...
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