Men’s Underwear That Will Definitely Make You Feel Oh So Good!

Does your underwear make you feel good? If not, then you probably need to look into changing your choice. Underwear has evolved and keeps on evolving, if until now your choices are constricted to tight briefs or very lose boxers, you are definitely missing out not only fashion but in ...
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Why You Should Own a Jockstrap

Majority of men prefer boxers or boxer briefs. But there are quite a number of reasons why a man should wear a jockstrap. Underwear with little coverage are not necessarily for sexy reasons. Jockstraps were initially invented to provide support during sports and other activities to keep your “man parts” ...
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Andres Zapata Underwear Model for JOR – That Inked Sex God

It may sound like exaggeration to describe JOR Model Andres Zapata in just words without seeing his photos. But anyone looking at Andres would definitely agree that he looks way above average than other underwear models. For one, he owns a face that is difficult to forget. Chiseled jaw line ...
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Mens Lingerie, Mesh and Lace Briefs – Crossing Over Mainstream Fashion

Mens lingerie are not exclusive in “sex” or “gay” themed marketplace anymore. Lace briefs, man thongs, sheer underwear and mesh boxers are becoming popular as “common” type of men’s underwear recently. Obvious addition of sexy fabrics usually found in women’s underwear is becoming popular even in the most “masculine” of ...
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Best Men’s Underwear – Quality, Popularity and Budget Friendly

Quality, design popularity and budget are the top concerns every guy put into consideration when buying underwear. Best men’s underwear is not always the big popular brands like Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren that may seem like a ripoff to many people who cannot afford a dozen of them. Let ...
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